Aldingbourne District bowls rink is an all weather, artificial green,

so is ideally suited to those who find grass greens too heavy!

Aldingbourne-Bowls-Club-19We have a wide range of bowling to suit all types of bowlers from the novice to the experienced.  There is a full range of competitive and social bowling to suit all levels. These include the Brooks Motors mixed triples League, friendly fixtures, rolls-ups, external and internal competitions, drives and day events.


The day events include Presidents Day, Ladies Day, Founders Day, Two Wood Yardstick and Two Wood Drawn Triples. Apart from Ladies Day all are mixed events and are held on various Saturdays or Sundays throughout the season.

Organised roll-ups take place every Tuesday and Thursday mornings throughout the year and informal roll-ups on other days. When the weather is too bad and in the winter there are two ‘short mats’ in the clubhouse. Some home and away ‘short mat’ matches are arranged in the winter months.


If you have recently moved into the area, are looking for a change of club, would prefer to bowl on an ‘outdoor carpet’ or you feel that you would like to take up bowls, why not contact us and arrange a visit. This can be achieved by contacting the Membership Secretary (See under club officers).


There is also a disabled access onto the green via a specially built ramp. The club also has a wheelchair that has extra wide wheels and sides which can be removed to enable disabled bowlers to enjoy  the game on the green.

Refreshments are always available at a very reasonable price on a serve yourself basis.